Experienced Planners

From Playgrounds to Shelters to Site Amenities, CRD has completed thousands of projects. We understand the design process, site work, demo of existing equipment / structures / playground and equipment costs. CRD is able to design exciting features that will become the center point of your site.

Age Groups

Do you have 6-23 months, 2-5 year old, or 5-12 year old children using your site? Each age group has specific physical, social and emotional needs that should be met. CRD has experience to play equipment that will fit your needs

Design Budgets

We dislike Change Orders. No one likes to be told that their project will cost one price only to find out that there’s “additional costs.” With over 500 completed, CRD understands what is needed for your project, and will provide detailed information and a scope of work to avoid Change Orders.

Renderings and Drawings

Rather than just telling you that we’ll quote you something off page 11 of a catalog, CRD will work with you to design your project, then provide renderings or drawings of the equipment, as well as, show you a top view of how your design will be incorporated within your location.

Best of All --- These Services are All Free of Charge